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Welcome to the latest 4PLAS newsletter, most of you are by now familiar with our comprehensive range of prime technical engineering thermoplastic grades- a wide range of materials from mineral filled polypropylene, right through to metal fibre filled speciality resins. 
But did you know that in addition to these we offer a standard range of good quality recycled materials including:   
  • PPCP melt 10 and 30 black    Feeds include scrap crates and cable ties
  • PP 20% talc filled black        Feeds include scrap automotive trim
  • HIPS black, white & green    Feed is 100% end of life electrical housings
  • ABS black                           Feed is 100% end of life electrical housings
  • HDPE melt 6-8 black            Feed is 100% wheelie bins
  • PP 30% glass fibre black      Feeds include scrap automotive housings
  • PA 30% glass fibre black      Feeds include scrap automotive housings
  • PC clear natural & colours    Feeds include scrap water bottles
Recent new commercial applications for these recycled grades include:

PC:  4LEX 10F20800 in black, whites and greys for electrical applications
PP 20% talc. 4PROP 13C11420 DBK300 for adjustable kitchen unit feet
ABS Black.  4LAC 12H20800 DBK for textile bobbins
HIPS White. 4STYR 10N10800 BWE for cable reels

All the above grades not only offer cost down (significantly in some cases) versus standard virgin prime materials, but also come with the green credentials and benefits including significantly lower carbon footprints. For example according to the latest UN IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) GWP (Global Warming Potential) formula to calculate materials carbon footprint, our 4MID 23B22130 BBK300 (PA6 30% glass fibre recycled) has a 30% lower carbon footprint than the equivalent prime grades.

Should you wish to discuss these materials or any of our existing products further, or wish to suggest any topics or specific applications you want us to cover please let us know and we will try and include them.
As always we at 4PLAS are here to discuss materials and offer support to you, our customer during these turbulent times. Please feel free to contact us at or call us on 0870 446 0424 and we would be happy to assist.
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