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Welcome to the latest 4PLAS newsletter, this month we would to discuss the benefits of using an effective purge.

Many plastics processors use a variety of purge materials and speciality products which range from Polypropylene to speciality liquid & granular purges, the prices and effectiveness of these purges vary dramatically, in some case too much or too little is used and in other cases the process has to be repeated several times.
Reasons for purging machines differ greatly with the main reasons being: 
  • Contamination in finished parts during a run
  • Colour changes 
  • Machine shut down 
  • Polymer change  
  • Regular planned purging to prevent build ups during production. 
Our wide range of thermoplastic compounds has enabled us to look closely at the purging processes used and then to consider the problems carefully, we found that in many cases the purging process is ineffective and proves to be expensive or inefficient, often requiring large quantities of commodity polymer or using a specialty purge that is prohibitively expensive. 
You may feel that purging is a necessary evil and never quite feel in control of the cost or effectiveness, many companies persist with the same purging method having reached a compromise process that kind of works and is just about bearable on cost.
Over the last 10 years 4PLAS has been working with our customers to achieve cost effective purging solutions with the introduction of our 
4PURGE® purging compounds, these highly effective products have been developed using a polymer base with scrubbing and foaming additives.
4PURGE® can be used with extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding processes and a wide range of thermoplastic materials.
Unlike many other purges 4PURGE® is economical in terms of price, but is still as effective as many products costing three times as much, making it the natural choice for cost cutting plastics processors.

4PURGE® offers the following key performance benefits:
  • Can be used with a wide variety of thermoplastic and engineering polymers
  • Allows quick colour changes
  • Rapid polymer changes
  • Removes carbon build up
  • Eliminates black specs
  • Removes colour plate out
  • Can be left in machine barrel for shut-down/start-up
  • process
  • Preventative maintenance
4PURGE® can also be ordered packed in 25kg resealable drums to prevent waste and contamination when being used over extended periods of time.

The standard 4PURGE® range includes the following products:
  • General Purpose High Performance purge suitable for most Thermoplastic polymers, including PVC, standard feed systems
  • General Purpose High Performance Hot Runner purge same great results as above but developed for hot runners & hot tips.
  • Custom purges can also be developed to assist customers with specific problems.
The photographs above are an illustration of how a few handfuls of 4PURGE® was used on a 250 tonne machine to clear out black reprocessed polypropylene that had been running for over 6 months.
You can see how quickly the purge clears out the black in just a few air-shots leaving a clean natural polypropylene without any black specs.
Should you wish to discuss these materials or any of our existing products further, or wish to suggest any topics or specific applications you want us to cover please let us know and we will try and include them.
As always we at 4PLAS are here to discuss materials and offer support to you, our customer during these turbulent times. Please feel free to contact us at or call us on 0870 446 0424 and we would be happy to assist.
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