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Our 100% biodegradable product line consists of PLA, PBS, PBAT, TPS and blends of these polymers reinforced with natural fillers. Materials are given various mechanical, thermal and visual properties, using a range of bio-fillers such as natural fibres, agricultural and consumer food waste.

These materials require specialist compounding due to their low thermal stability and are pre-treated before compounding. Thanks to its know-how in engineering plastics formulation and processing, 4PLAS LTD offers customized sustainable bioplastics by producing materials that allow for a wider range of use and deliver better performance to meet challenging technical requirements


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4ETEC® compounds offer the following key properties:

  • Natural and environmentally sustainable
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Low Waste
  • Balanced mechanical properties
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Wide range of cosmetic finishes
  • Extensive range of performance enhancing additives and fillers


Image showing low voltage electrical connector Image showing low voltage electrical connector

4ETEC® offers the following range of products:

  • Unreinforced
  • Custom colours
  • Impact modified
  • Glass reinforced
  • Carbon fibre reinforced
  • Mineral filled
  • Surface modified
  • Alloys
  • Wood filled
  • Consumer food waste filled
  • Agricultural waste filled
  • Natural fibres reinforced

For individual grades or to search using a wide range of criteria please use our interactive material selector.

Our standard range is comprehensive, however should you not find what you are looking for within the data available on this website, we offer Custom Compounds to suit the requirements of specific applications.

If you would like advice on selecting suitable materials, or you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and one of our team will be pleased to assist you.

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