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Polycarbonate (PC) is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic that offer exceptional toughness over a wide temperature range and are characterized by a combination of toughness, transparency, heat and flame resistance, and dimensional stability.

4LEX® is the registered trade name for Polycarbonate (PC) compounds produced by 4PLAS. We offer a wide range of Polycarbonate compounds including standard ex-stock grades, short lead time custom compound and colour solutions and performance additives and alloys.


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4LEX® materials offer the following key properties:

  • Excellent flammability resistance
  • Good electrical properties
  • High wear resistance
  • Very good surface finish
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good mechanical strength
  • High dimensional stability - low warpage
  • Excellent impact properties, even at low temperature
  • Heat resistance - can be used within temperature range -40°C to 120°C
  • Good flow and processing properties


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The 4LEX® Polycarbonate standard range includes the following products:

For individual grades or to search using a wide range of criteria please use our interactive material selector.

Our standard range is comprehensive, however should you not find what you are looking for within the data available on this website, we offer Custom Compounds to suit the requirements of specific applications.

If you would like advice on selecting suitable materials, or you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and one of our team will be pleased to assist you.

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